With Advanced Hosts Editor you can edit your hosts file comfortable, block ads and speed up your internet connection.

The Advanced Hosts Editor provides an easy to use assistant, too. With this you can see the last visited web servers and with only one click you can block or cache them. Unlike other ad blocking browser plugins this works system wide, no matter which application or browser you use wants to communicate to the hosts.

Especially if you have a slow internet connection or have to have a look at your bandwidth usage (traffic) you will like the advantages of Advanced Hosts Editor fastly.

Technical background

The hosts file is a file in your operating system that allows overriding the name resolution that is required to communicate to websites. By default, if you want to visit a website, it's name (e. g. must be resolved into an IP address. Only now a connection can be established. This process repeats for each file that the website links to that does not exists on the same domain. This mostly appears to ad server.

With the hosts file you can fix the name resolution for single sites. This means the name resolution will not be performed using your internet connection anymore. The entry from the hosts file will be used instead. This saves bandwidth, time and thus speeds up your internet connection subjectively.

For example you can block the access to ad server. So you don't have to see the commercial ads in websites, also your internet connection will not be used for this wasted traffic. Also you can cache the name resolution for frequently visited websites so your system has no need to ask for it's IP address over and over again.


Advanced Hosts Editor Screenshot: Assistent Advanced Hosts Editor Screenshot: Editor


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Advanced Hosts Editor 1.3 Beta 1